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"Provincial Sleep Group" is a locally owned and operated Sleep Apnea Clinic. We offer sleep testing in the comfort of your own home and treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Sleep testing is offered upon referral from a physician. Simply print the referral form and ask your doctor to sign it. Then you may contact us to book a sleep study appointment. Your sleep study will be reviewed by a doctor who is a respiratory specialist and the results will be provided to you and your doctor.

Our highly trained staff will be pleased to help you regarding sleep apnea therapy, including CPAP or AutoCPAP equipment and masks. Call for an appointment today.

Our focus is to provide excellent customer service and thorough follow up care to our patients and excellent reporting to their physicians.

For all of your Oxygen needs please visit Provincial Home Oxygen


  • Edmonton West, AB
    #114, 17704-103 Ave
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T5S 1J9
    T: (780) 701-4531
    F: (780) 498-2729
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  • Edmonton East, AB

    6732-75 St.
    Edmonton, Alberta
    T6E 6T9
    Phone 780.466.4311
    Fax 780.498.2729
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  • Edmonton North, AB

    4950 137 Ave
    Edmonton, AB
    T5Y 2V4
    Phone 780.701.4531
    Fax 780.498.2729
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  • Saskatoon North

    3122 Millar Avenue
    Saskatoon, SK
    S7K 5Y2
    Phone 306.651.0177
    Fax 306.651.1242
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  • Saskatoon South

    #105, 2100-8th Street East
    Saskatoon, SK
    S7H 0V1
    Phone 306.651.0177
    Fax 306.651.1242
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  • Prince Albert

    142-12 Street East
     Prince Albert, SK
     S6V 1B6
     Phone 306.764.1270
     Fax 306.764.1271
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  • Regina

    309 Albert Street
    Regina, SK
    S4R 2N6   
    Phone 306.790.2727
    Fax 306.790.1305
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  • Moose Jaw

    4-825 Thatcher Dr E
    Moose Jaw, SK
    S6J 0A9   
    Phone 306.693.2727
    Fax 306.693.2700
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  • Estevan

    4-461 King Street
    Estevan, SK
    S4A 1K6   
    Phone 306.636.2727
    Fax 306.636.2728
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  • Victoria

    1610 Oak Bay Ave.
    Victoria, BC
    V8R 1B2
    Phone 250.370.9332
    Fax 250.370.9365
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  • Nanaimo
    402-6581 Aulds Road
    Nanaimo, BC
    V9T 6J6
    Phone 250.390.0787
    Fax 250.390.0749
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  • Red Deer
    #204, 3947-50A Ave
    Red Deer, AB
    T4N 6V7
    Phone 403.346.7775
    Fax 403.346.0427

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